Zuni Pottery by T Bellson 1K16G

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Artist: T. Bellson
Tribe: Zuni
Dimensions: 2 ¾ x 5

The Zuni use traditions similar to their neighbors the Hopi when crafting their art. Many contemporary artists still utilize ancient methods gathering their own clay and tempering that clay with shards of pottery or minerals, using organic materials to create their own paint as well as firing their pieces outside. Whereas other contemporary artists use a combination of ancient and modern methods to create their pieces. Zuni are known for their artistic creations including their elaborately decorated pottery and jewelry. These two crafts are the primary means the Zuni use to support themselves.

Traditionally, their pottery would have been decorated with water symbols including toads, lizards, frogs, and lily pads. The Zuni people were also known for their zig zag and geometric patterns which can be seen on this hand-painted pot. The piece was created using the traditional coil and carve method then painted and fired. The piece is signed, "T. Bellson" and would be a fantastic addition to any Native pottery collection.

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