Acoma Pueblo Seed Pot by Yolanda Truijillo 1K17E

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Artist: Yolanda Truijillo
Tribe: Acoma
Dimensions: 2 ¾ x 3 ½

Each Pueblo has its own unique style and traditions. Acoma pottery is special as in the 20th century four women returned to the old ways of making pottery (known as the four matriarchs) and pioneered the return to traditional methods of making pottery.

Yolanda Trujillo started learning how to make pottery at 8 years old from watching her mother. Yolanda is a true purist. She gathers her clay, and processes it by mixing in either minerals or broken up shards of old pottery. The clay is then dried and stored for use. To craft each piece, she uses the coil and scrape method and then makes her paints out of organic materials found around her Pueblo.

This seed pot is a striking example of old-world Acoma pottery. Yolanda used the traditional methods mentioned above and created this mind-bending pattern with her paints. The pattern mimics the shape the seeds would make when dropped into the pot. It's eye-catching design and exquisite shape are sure to make a statement when displayed in your home.

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