Acoma Pueblo Pottery by Carolyn Concho - Turtle Design Seedpot - 2L06L

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Artist: Carolyn Concho
Tribe: Acoma
Dimensions: 1-1/2 in. x 3-1/2 in.

This piece is handmade by Acoma Pueblo artist, Carolyn Concho. Carolyn is an award-winning artist who has won numerous awards for her pottery (Santa Fe Indian Market, Heard Museum, Gallup Ceremonial, etc.). She has been creating her beautiful pottery since 1984. Her pieces often feature a 3-dimensional figure that extends beyond the surface of the clay. Carolyn only uses natural materials to create her pottery. She gathers clay, minerals and pigments from local deposits of Acoma Pueblo, and she only uses collected rain water to soak, clean and mix her clay. Then she uses the coiling method to create the vessel. Her designs are whimsical and are inspired by ancient Mimbres pottery. Her pieces are true works of art.

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