Zuni Pottery with Lizard Salmander Design by Deldrick Cellicion 1K16K

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Artist: Deldrick Cellicion
Tribe: Zuni
Dimensions: 8 ½ x 6 ½

Deldrick Cellicion is a Zuni potter who creates elaborate bowls, jars, effigies and wedding vases. In recent years, Cellicion has developed a unique style featuring salamanders, lizards, feathers, dragonflies, frogs and more. The Zuni traditionally depict animals and insects that have an affiliation with water and usually create more open pieces like bowls and baskets.

Cellicion's salamander and lizard vases in particular have captivated pottery collectors across the nation. Their family have become known for their impressive three dimensional pieces- each scene depicted is reminiscent of a Puebloan desert scene. Even the texture of the vase emulates the vibrancy of the desert sands. The lizard coils his way around the pot and clasps onto it with his delicately painted claws. His presence is all-the-more pronounced with his three dimensional body protruding from the pot! You can learn more about Deldrick's work in Gregory Schaaf's Southern Pueblo Pottery as well as Hayes and Blom's Southwestern Pottery: L. Anasazi to Zuni. This quintessential vase from Deldrick is a must-have in any Pueblo pottery collection!

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