Zuni Butteryfly Vase by Tony Lorenzo 1K16W

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Artist: Tony Lorenzo
Tribe: Zuni
Dimensions: 7 x 3 ½

Tony Lorenzo is an award-winning Zuni potter with a distinct whimsical style. He creates bold pieces featuring animals and insects.

Zuni potters are known for their intricate line work as well as their detail-oriented geometric lines. Additionally, it is common to find butterflies, dragonflies, lizards and frogs on Zuni pottery.

This is a polychromatic piece created using the coil and scrape method. The vase was crafted with the local clay then processed, shaped, smoothed, painted and then fired. His butterfly is illuminated beautifully against the white backdrop and the piece has the characteristic fine line work one expects to see on a piece of Zuni pottery. This vase would be right at home on your bookshelf or among any Pueblo pottery collection.

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