Vintage Award Winning All Silver Hopi Kokopelli Buckle by Bobby Sekakuku ZG23A

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Description: This piece is an award winner and the Show Ribbon will be included. Note: Back of ribbon contains the name of the Judges of the Show.
This piece was acquired from a second-hand collection (i.e.-estate sale), who collected Native American Jewelry and art in the 1980-1990's.
Kokopelli is the mystical motif that appears throughout the southwest and throughout the Americas. He is often depicted as a hump-back flute player. The kokopelli is thought to be a symbol of abundance and fertility.
This piece is Hopi handmade overlay jewelry. Hopi is an indigenous tribe that is located in Arizona. They are known for their excellent overlay jewelry. The overlay process is where the design is cut out of a sheet of silver and soldered to another sheet, leaving a deep recessed area, which is later antiqued and darkened to bring out the beauty of the design.

Material: Sterling Silver

Dimensions: 2" x 3"

Weight (in grams): 35.6

Hallmark/Signature: B.S.

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