Traditional Hopi Pottery by Caroline Lomaquahu 1K16L

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Artist: Caroline Lomaquahu
Tribe: Hopi
Dimensions: 2 ½ x 3 ½

This is a Hopi white-slipped polychrome bowl from artist Caroline Lomaquahu. Caroline created this piece using the traditional coil and scrape method. The piece is then white slipped and stone polished, painted and then fired. The white slip made a comeback in the early 1950s and is used by Hopi Potters across several Pueblos. It is an especially popular color slip for painters who use multiple colors (polychrome) for their works.

The painting on this piece is that of the traditional feather and bird motif that swirls delightfully around the pot.

Caroline Lomaquahu is part of a line of potters and artists and is the daughter of Stanley Dashee Jr. and Mable Toney. This piece was purchased in 2001 at the Museum of Northern Arizona.

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