Storm and Lightning Design Navajo Sandpainting by Orlando Myerson 2L03F

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According to the Navajo religion, the Universe is a very delicately balanced thing. If this balance is upset, some disaster - usually an illness - will follow. To restore the balance and harmony means performing one of the many Navajo chants or ways. These complex ceremonies involve the use of herbs, prayers, songs and sandpaintings.

The sandpainting is done in a careful and sacred manner, according to the ancient knowledge of the art. As the patient is seated atop the completed sandpainting, the medicine man bends to reverently touch a portion of a figure in the sandpainting, and then moves to touch the patient, transferring the medicine and power.

As this is done, the sickness falls from the person and harmony returns. Then, before the sun sets the sandpainting is erased with a sacred feather, and the patient rises to walk in beauty once again.

Size: 18-1/8 in. x 18-1/8 in.

Storm & Lightning

Each differently colored box represents the four different direction and the Four Houses of the Sun. In the east, white represents the dawn; yellow represents the evening light or sunset; blues represents the daylight of blue sky; and black to the north represents the night sky or darkness. the four sacred plants (corn, beans, squash and tobacco) show an abundance of water for good crop growth, a plentiful harvest, wealth and good health.


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