Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Earring by Anthony Skeets 2E15P

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Description: Situated in Globe, Arizona, the Sleeping Beauty mine derived its name from the Sleeping Beauty Mountain which is also in the region. This area had once been part of the Copper Cities operation. The turquoise pieces produced from this mine have a uniform shade of light to medium blues. This quality has made it the Zuni Pueblo favorite. Jewelry makers often use this turquoise for matching silver jewelry sets. Compared to other kinds of turquoise, however, those which are mined from the Sleeping Beauty mine are not considered as a hard turquoise. It has been, however, a favorite among silversmiths because of its natural color which mirrors the blue sky. This is what truly makes the Sleeping Beauty turquoise a desirable piece of precious stone which is also called a "Skystone." The area was one of the large turquoise producers in the country, but today the mine has been closed.

Material: Sterling Silver, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Dimensions: 3 inches long and 1/4 inch wide

Weight (in grams): 6.8

Hallmark/Signature: AS Sterling

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