Size 9-1/2- White 14K Gold Tufacast Ring by Erick Begay- NJ20P

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Description: Erick Begay is a
master silversmith and goldsmith with more than 28 years experience. He
is an award winning artist that has multiple awards, including the Santa
Fe Indian Market.  His Family has been involved in Native American
Jewelry for generations. His mother, Frances Begay, taught him the art
of silversmithing, while she sold it in Santa Fe. He started making
jewelry when he was eleven. When he turned 16 he became a full-time

Erick only uses sterling silver, 14k gold, and the
highest quality gemstones. You can rest assured that what his jewelry is
100% quality.

Tufa-casting is an old Navajo technique where the
impression of the bracelet is carved in volcanic stone (tufa-stone) and
the molten melted is poured into the impression.  This was one of the
very first techniques that the Navajo created in the late 1800’s. This
style is often mistaken as “sand-casting”, as tufa casting is a
different technique than sandcasting.

Material: 14k Gold

Dimensions: 1/4 in. x 1 in.

Weight (in grams): 10.3

Hallmark/Signature: N/A

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