Size 7-3/4 Silver & Golden Hills Turquoise Round Navajo Ring by Dave Skeets 3F22D

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Discover the exquisite craftsmanship of this sterling silver piece, meticulously handcrafted by the talented Navajo artisans. Hailing from the picturesque lands of New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Utah, the Navajo tribe has a rich heritage in creating stunning silver jewelry adorned with genuine stones.

Embrace the allure of this remarkable creation, showcasing the Navajos' unrivaled mastery in the art of silversmithing. This captivating piece stands as a testament to their exceptional skill and unwavering dedication.

Elevating its beauty to new heights, this masterpiece is adorned with the mesmerizing Golden Hills turquoise, a natural gem that exudes a timeless elegance. Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Navajo jewelry and experience the true essence of Native American artistry.

Material: Sterling Silver, Turquoise

Dimensions: Ring's face is 1-1/8" long.

Weight (in grams): 4.2

Hallmark/Signature: D. Skeets, Sterling

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