Size 7-1/2 Silver & Turquoise Multistone Navajo Inlay Ring Valerie Yazzie 2E18M

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Description: This piece is a stunning example of classic Navajo jewelry. This piece is handmade out of sterling silver and genuine stones.

Gaspeite is a natural stone that is a vibrant green color, sometimes almost fluorescent. It was first found in the Gaspe Peninsula in Canada (hence its name). It is recent discovery, 1966. This stone very rare as there are only a few places that it is found. Most gaspeite comes from Australia.

Material: Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Lapis, Jet, Sugilite, White Clam Shell, Gaspeite


Weight (in grams): 5

Hallmark/Signature: TSF (Touch of Santa Fe), VJ, Sterling

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