Silver & Turquoise & Coral Navajo Chip Inlay Women's Watch Joleen Yazzie ZA22C

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Description: This piece is a stunning example of classic Navajo jewelry. This piece is handmade out of sterling silver and genuine stones.
Chip inlay is the process in which channels are filled with resin or epoxy and crushed stone. Once the resin/epoxy dried, the piece was then sanded and polished smooth leaving a mosaic of stone in the channel.  This technique was  developed by Navajos in the 1950-60’s, and is often credited to Tommy Singer (also Charlie Singer and Willie Singer);  however, there were many other artist doing the same process in the same era; in fact, my mother Frances Begay raised my brothers and me making and selling her chip inlay jewelry. This vintage-style of work is classic Navajo style of the 1970’s.

The quartz-movement watch is new and is included. The  watch measure 1 inch diameter.      

Material: Sterling Silver, Turquoise, Coral          

Dimensions: Watch tips are 7/8" x 1-3/8".

The stainless steel watch band is adjustable, please specify your wrist size upon ordering so we can size it accordingly.              

Weight (in grams): 27.4            

Hallmark/Signature: N/A     

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