Silver Multistone Navajo Inlay Tufacast Butterfly Bracelet by Lee Begay 2C14N

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Description: This piece is a stunning example of classic Navajo jewelry. This piece is handmade out of sterling silver and genuine stones.
Tufa-casting is an old Navajo technique where the impression of the bracelet is carved in volcanic stone (tufa-stone) and the molten melted is poured into the impression. This was one of the very first techniques that the Navajo created in the late 1800's. This style is often mistaken as "sand-casting", as tufa casting is a different technique than sandcasting.

Material: Sterling Silver, Lapis, Turquoise, Coral

Dimensions: Inside measurement is 5-1/4" from end to end with an open gap of 1-1/4". Piece is 1-3/8" wide.

Weight (in grams): 71.7

Hallmark/Signature: Lee B., '22 (2022)

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