Silver & Jet Multistone Navajo Inlay Yei Bi Chei Earrings by Gilbert Smith 8G09V

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Description: This piece is a stunning example of classic Navajo jewelry. This piece is handmade out of sterling silver and genuine stones.

The Yei Bi Chei (pronounced YAY-BI-CHAY  is often depicted in many Navajo art. The Yei Bi Chei is a spiritual deity of the Navajo.  The Yei Bi Chei dance is a nine day healing ceremony that takes place in winter.        

Material: Sterling Silver, Jet, Turquoise, Opal (lab), Apple Coral            

Dimensions: 1" x 1-7/8"            

Weight (in grams): 8.3            

Hallmark/Signature: S, Sterling

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