Shalako, Longhair, Grandmother and Snow Maiden Hopi Kachina Doll by Benjanmin Kabinto ZH17O

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The Shalako festival, on or about December 1, is a remarkable sacred drama, enacted in the open for the double purpose of invoking the divine blessing upon certain newly built houses, and of rendering thanks to the gods for the harvests of the year. -(wikipedia)

This conglomeration of kachina dolls is interesting as it embellishes the cyclical theme of the four seasons. The main part is the Shalako, which is ceremony in December after the harvest. The next larger kachina is the Longhair kachina which is symbolic of rain , often seen in the summer months . The next kachina is a Snow Maiden kachina which is symbolic of water (snowfall) and the blessing for the coming year. The Grandmother kachina is symbolic of mother earth (giving of food and pouring water over heads as a blessing).

This piece is 15-1/2 tall and is about 6 inches wide (leans). It is carved by master kachina carver Benjamin Kabinto (Hopi).

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