Shalako Hopi Kachina by Ann David Baca 1K15J

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This Shalako is a cloud deity kachina that petitions the rains and many say can even direct them across the three Mesas of the Hopi tribe. These cloud gods are the Hopi rendition of the neighboring Zuni deity the Salako- a point that has caused some confusion among scholars. According to Barton Wright in "The Complete Guide to Kachina Dolls" the cloud kachina are closer to deities than they are to kachina themselves. This emphasizes the importance the Puebloan people groups place on rain.

In the actual ceremony, the Shalako's cloak is entirely covered in multiple tiers of feathers- all 7 feet of them! In the Shalako story, the feathers symbolize prayers.

This piece, created by Ann David Baca, shows how this cloud deity directs the clouds and the rain through this animated and vibrant headdress. Check out the lightning bolts and the stark expression on Shalako's face. It appears a storm is brewing! Baca's bold use of color is just one of the spectacular aspects of this carving. His attention to detail is captivating and particularly the feathers that wrap all the way around his majestic cloak. No kachina collection is complete without this quintessential Puebloan god.  

Kachina: Salako
Artist: Ann David Baca, Navajo, Arizona
Dimensions: 6 in. x 2 in

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