Rustic Acoma pottery canteen with Antelope Design by Rita Malie 1K16M

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Artist: Rita Malie
Tribe: Acoma Pueblo
Dimensions: 6 x 4 ½

Pueblo communities in New Mexico and Arizona have created pottery for a variety of purposes for thousands of years. Their pottery was intended as gifts, decorations and utilitarian storage vessels. One of the most famous Puebloan groups still creating pottery today is the Acoma who are known for their thin walls as well as their geometric shapes and bold motifs.

They are also known for their canteens! The Acoma constructed canteens with the aid of a puki. A puki is a ceramic plate or another surface that helps to shape the piece and give it symmetry.

This stunning canteen was created by artist Rita Malie from the Acoma Pueblo. It features polychrome paint and a heartline deer motif as well as a bold emblem on the back. The heartline deer motif though associated with the Zuni, started to appear on Acoma pottery in the early 1950s. The gorgeous piece would be a showstopper on any collector's shelf!

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