Piki Eater Hopi Kachina Doll by Wayne Poleahla ZH17L

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This is a great piece with smooth lines with a contemporary feel. It measures 8-1/2 in. tall and 3-1/4 in. wide.

Piki Bread is a finely made flattened bread made with blue corn meal that is unique to the Hopi tribe. This Piki Eater kachina loves to eat piki bread and will thwart the Ogre woman kachina (Soyoko Wuhti) into eating piki instead of kids.

This kachina accompanies the Soyoko Wuhti kachina during the winter months. The Soyoko Wuhti is an ogre woman who eats kids. The primary function of the Piki Eater kachina is to come after a load of piki - requiring it from the families he visits alongside his Ogre counterparts. His function is to take and taste the piki brad which is offered to Soyoko Wuhti. He eats it right away and thus forces Soyoko Wuhtu to take food rather than kids. This cheats Soyoko Wuhti out of her negotiations with the parents of the kids. - (Brent 92)- Kachinas; Spririt Beings of the Hopi

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