Navajo Yei-Bi-Che Wall Hanging by Romaine Begay ZG20C

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This Yei-Bei-Che is made by Navajo ceramicist Romaine Begay. Earthy colors and textures make this a wonderful addition to any southwestern home. The wall hanging measures approximately, 7 in. x 7 in. x 2-1/4 in.

In Navajo, Yei-Bi-Che are known as the supernatural beings or “Winter Gods”. This comes from a ceremony in the late/early winter that celebrates their special healing powers. They can also be known as the “Medicine People”.

The ceramicist, Romaine Begay grew up in Farmington, New Mexico. He is Navajo known as Towering House, born into the Zuni Clan. He was formally trained at the Western New Mexico University, where he found his true medium, clay. He says that his glaze designs have been influenced by Navajo rug weavings. He is known for his traditional and contemporary pottery.

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