Kokopelli Mana Hopi Kachina by Carson Fritz - 1K15K

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Kokopelli is perhaps the most memorable figure known across the world. Images of him can be found as far back as 750 and 850 AD. The humpbacked flute player, according to the Hopi , is associated with fertility and rain. The Hopi people say he carries unborn children on his back and Kokopelli often takes part in marriage rituals.

Other tribes consider Kokopelli to be a trader stating that the infamous back hump is sacks of goods. Many say he was more than a trader and was considered to be a great communicator able to speak many languages interpreting and telling stories for all to hear.

You all recognize the Kokopelli from the famous shape carved in the petroglyph. But the kokopelli you see here is not this kokopelli! This is the much more rarely-carved Kokopelli Mana- his female companion!

The Hopi consider the Kokopelli Mana to be an uncontrollable seductress. She runs in the ceremonial snake and basket races and when depicted as a kachina is carved barefoot and in action. She entices boys to race and when tackled hikes up her dress and mimics intercourse.
Here, artist Carson Fritz carves the Kokopelli Mana in the traditional stances- barefoot and hiking up the base of her dress. The mask is traditionally painted in black and white and the eyebrows suggest she is ready for trickery! This much more rarely seen Kokopelli would make an impressive addition to your kachina collection.

Kachina: Kokopelli Mana
Artist: Carson Fritz, Hopi, Arizona
Dimensions: 6-1/2 in. x 2-1/2 in.

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