Kokopelli Maiden Hopi Kachina by Victor Trujillo - 1K15H

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We are thrilled to present this rare treat- the Kokopelli Maiden carved in 1997 by renowned artist Victor Trujillo! Trujillo is known for his graceful carvings along with his precision and attention to detail.

When first viewing this masked running marauder you may notice the beautifully draped checkered cloak that rests on her shoulders in a way that mimics actual fabric. It's hard to believe the piece has been lovingly carved from the traditional cottonwood! The details of the cloak with the creases and folds are apparent all the way around the doll.

The way Trujillo plays close attention to the anatomical details of the runner from the arch of her bare feet all the way to the fingernails on the hands is truly a sight to see! Even her bracelets and ring are intricately carved and painted the traditional silver and turquoise colors .

The positions of both of the hands are smartly carved. Her right hand hikes up the base of her dress telling the story of the seductress that she is. Finally, the base of the piece shows another tell-tale sign of Trujillo's work- he even lovingly carves out the painstaking details of the kiva including brickwork and the ladders.This smoothly carved rendition is packed with details and is sure to be a showstopping addition to your Kachina doll collection.

A little bit of background about the Kokopelli Maiden: This is not the hump-backed kokopelli that we have come to know from the world famous petroglyph carvings. Rather, this is his female companion who makes an appearance as a runner during the basket and snake races. She chases young men and when tackled hikes up the base of her dress mimicking intercourse. The act provides both amusement and a lesson for the young men who observe her. Beware of this kokopelli seductress!

Kachina: Kokopelli Maiden
Artist: Victor Trujillo, Hopi, Arizona
Dimensions: 8-1/4 in. x 3 in.

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