Jemez Storyteller by Joyce Lucero 1K17C

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Artist: Joyce Lucero
Tribe: Jemez
Dimensions: 4 x 4 ¼ x 3

Oral traditions are a large part of Puebloan culture. Stories are passed down from generation to generation and are often nature stories, creation stories, stories about how life works, how an animal or plant came to be, how to use a plant as medicine and so on. "Storytellers" are Puebloan clay sculptures that depict elders sharing stories with the younger generations.

Although the Storyteller art originated in the Cochiti tribe, the Jemez have become known for producing them. They use a red slip over tan clay creating a unique color. Additionally, they usually paint their pieces with red, black and brown paints made from organic materials.

Sometimes, you'll find a Storyteller painted with more blues and greens like the details that are found on this piece. Joyce Lucero's Storytellers are animated depictions of a typical Pueblo scene. This piece will transport you to a time and a place and depicts a grandmother with her three grandchildren. Here they sit perched on her lap listening to the stories of old. Joyce uses bright turquoise paint to draw out the little details that can be found in this piece. The children sit piled high intently listening to the wise words their grandmother tells them. Storytellers are more than just decorative pieces for the home, they're reminders of the importance of passing down traditions.

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