Jemez Pueblo Seed Pot by Marie Chinana 1K17O

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Artist: Marie Chinana
Tribe: Jemez
Dimensions: 3 ½ x 3 ¼
The Jemez are known for their red slip over tan clay and paint their pieces with red, black and brown paint.

Marie Chinana is a potter from Jemez who is the daughter of Martha Toya. Marie uses a mix of ancient traditions with contemporary practices. She uses the coil and scrape method when creating each piece and hand-makes a slip for each of her pieces.

Marie has a background as a painter and often prefers to paint her pieces with acrylics. Her painting style is unique. She paints symbols and designs that have personal significance to her. This seed pot has a matte finish and is in great condition. The decorations are beautiful and artfully wrap around the piece. This stunning seed pot would look fantastic on your bookshelf or as part of a collection!

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