Jemez Pueblo Seed Pot by Donald Chinana 1K17K

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Artist: Donald Chinana
Tribe: Jemez
Dimensions: 3 ¾ x 4 ¼

The early Jemez were known for their pottery but the artform died out in the mid-18th century until pottery making was revived again in the 20th century. Now, Jemez seed pots, storytellers and wedding vases are collected around the world.

Donald Chinana was born in 1963 and began making pottery at the age of 14. Donald digs his clay from the Jemez reservation and uses natural slips, organic paints and fires his pottery outdoors. The pot is matte finished with black and red paint. He paints a number of symbols recognizable in Puebloan art including the kiva stepping stairs and the eagle feathers. The kiva are sacred spaces and living quarters located in the Pueblos. They are used as spaces to hold various rites and ceremonies. Each feather contains a prayer. The piece features delicate line work and details that encircle the entire piece.

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