Hopi Seed Pot by Delmar Polacca 1K16R

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Artist: Delmar Polacca
Tribe: Hopi
Dimensions: 1 ⅝ x 3

Delmar Polacca is an award-winning potter who hails from five generations of potters located in the village of Polacca on the first mesa in Arizona. Delmar learned from his father, grandmother, siblings and cousins and works in his father's style- carving scenes from the Hopi culture. He invented a technique which marbles the red and light clay- a very complex technique to master.

This seed pot has it all! It has the beautiful marbling that adds incredible depth and texture. It has scenes hand-carved straight out of the Hopi heritage and traditions including the kivas and the rain clouds (rain clouds are intrinsically tied to Hopi ceremonial practices and rituals). The piece is hand-created and hand painted using traditional methods. He paints with wild Spanish juice and fires his pieces for 2 to 4 hours using horse manure in the outdoor fire pits. Every aspect of the piece has been created using traditional methodology. This polychromatic seed pot is in fantastic condition and a great conversation piece!

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