Hopi Pottery by Alta Yesslith 1K16T

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Artist: Yessilth
Tribe: Hopi
Dimensions: 4 ½ x 3

Alta Yesslith is known for her range as she created a wide variety of pottery vessels in various shapes, colors and overall designs. Her works are painted with traditional motifs and she uses ancient practices when making her pieces. Alta digs the clay, processes the clay herself and polishes it as well as paints each piece using the traditional yucca leaf. Her art is then fired using traditional methods.

Alta created this vase using the traditional coil and scrape method and the piece is painted with the yucca leaf. The vase is decorated with a bird and leaf pattern as well as with bold lines and geometric shapes. The yucca leaf brush strokes provide extra depth and detail to this lovely piece. Her polishing and smoothing work is exquisite!

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