Hopi, Koyala or Koshari Kachina Doll ZG20F

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Known as the supernatural spirits of the Hopi, the kachinas embody the spirits of living things and ancestors that have passed and are part of nature. It is essential to the Hopi to preserve harmony with the world they live in new and old. As the kachinas’ possess these powers over nature they are also seen as guardians of the Hopi people. They can insure human, plant and animal fertility, everything living. Carved from cottonwood root, each kachina doll resembles a supernatural spirit that is given to a child educating them about the ways of life.

This Clown Kachina is known as the entertainer during the ceremony. His behavior is loud and noisy in conversation and actions, menacing spectators in humor. He likes to act out improper behavior in life, always exaggerating to portray a lesson and too much of anything can be a bad thing, for individuals and the tribe. He likes to perform and often drums for other dancers. He usually offers a treat to the audience. This kachina is carrying a watermelon for the crowd.

This kachina doll measures, approximately: 4 in. x 9 in. The signature of the artist is illegible.

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