Hopi Frog and Dragonfly Pot by Stetson Setalla ZG20A

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This pot was made by Stetson Setalla, a well-known Hopi potter. It is handmade. Both the dragonfly and frog symbolize fertility and spring. His signature with his trademark bear-claw/raincloud symbol representing both his mother and father's clans is located on the bottom as shown. This pot measures: 9-1/2 in. diameter and 7-1/4 in. tall.

Stetson comes from a long line of Hopi potters, raised in the Keams Canyon area known as Snowbird Canyon. He has been an active potter since 1980 and has been featured in many major works on Hopi pottery. Stetson consistently shows at major competitions and venues throughout the Southwest. His work is also featured at the Heard Museum in Phoenix, Arizona; and the Museum of Indian Arts & Cultures in Santa Fe, New Mexico. From Stetson's autobiographical statement: “Good thoughts and a good heart are essential in working with your clay because you are creating yourself in each pot as you coil and when you are ready to paint the pot, a clear mind and good heart is crucial in assisting you with your painting because the designs flow through your mind into your hand and onto your pot without difficulty.

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