Feather design Santa Clara Pottery by Minnie Vigil 1K17D

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Artist: Minnie Vigil
Tribe: Santa Clara
Dimensions: 3 ⅛ x 4 ½

Minnie was born in 1935 and she is a mix of Santa Clara and Pojoaque. She learned pottery from her mother along with her sisters all of whom are well-known Santa Clara potters. Minnie began winning awards in the 1970s and has a distinct style. She is famous for her polychrome wares, some of which are stone polished and some with a matte finish.

Santa Clara potters revitalized Puebloan pottery in the mid 1930s. This movement was led by Maria Martinez who created the matte on high polish finish all black design that is one of the three styles of pottery Santa Clara is known for. The other two are the high polished redware and their polychromatic pieces. Minnie is among the most famous Santa Clara artists who work in the polychrome style.

This piece of pottery has been hand-crafted using traditional methods and then painted in a feather and geometric design pattern. The seed pot is beautifully stone polished and eye-catching! The symmetry of the piece is excellent- difficult to believe it was created using the traditional coil and scrape method! No collection is complete without a piece from Santa Clara

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