Eototo Hopi Kachina by Eugene Dallas - 1K15A

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At first glance you might think this guy was a simple messenger or one of the kachina who held a less important role. After all, he stands rather humbly and his mask is just a white cylinder with three circles painted on. He can't be that important, right? Nothing could be further from the truth. This "humble-looking" kachina is the most important male chief in the tribe known as the kachina father and second only to the Crow Mother.

Eototo is in charge of the rain- moisture being the most talked about, prayed about, and danced for item on the Hopi agenda. Using his bag of cornmeal and his feather (sometimes a staff or a rod) Eototo draws cloud symbols onto the ground, petitioning the gods for rain. He is also the deity most closely related to the ancient Aztec god Ometeotl who is not one god but two signifying the birth of the universe. Okay, It looks like this humble little guy is kind of a big deal, after all!

Not only that, but Eototo makes an appearance in both the Powamu festival and the Niman festival. The Powamu welcomes the Katsinim to the kivas and the Niman ceremony marks their departure. In other words, Eototo is present at the beginning and the ending.

Eugene Dallas created this beautiful carving in 2010. This doll has all the characteristics that Dallas is known for- traditional cottonwood, expert carving, and most importantly, his unique style of hand-painting. Eototo is a must-have in any kachina collection and particularly when paired with his best friend Aholi.

Kachina: Eototo
Artist: Eugene Dallas, Hopi, Arizona
Dimensions: 11 in. x 3 in.

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