Eototo & Aholi Hopi Kachina by Merrill Sequi - 1K15N

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Eototo & Aholi are legendary best friends.They often appear as companions as these two have a precious back story. The Hopi legend goes that while travelling together the pair encountered one of their greatest enemies. Aholi stayed to fight, allowing Eototo to escape. During the Hopi migratory period, Eototo & Aholi were reunited. Thus, this legendary friendship began!

Both Eototo & Aholi are chief kachani (mongkastinam) and both emerge during the sacred Powamu ceremony.

Eototo is considered to be the father of all of the katsinas and is a member of the Bear Clan. The Bear Clan are guardians and protectors and in some cases medicine people. Traditionally, Eototo's mask is a white cylinder with a small tuft of hair as is depicted in this piece by artist Merrill Sequi. In this beautiful carving, Eototo holds his bag of cornmeal which he scatters on the earth to etch in cloud symbols- petitioning the gods for some rain.

Sequi brings Aholi to life with his playful use of paint. Aholi is known as a handsome chief and is often depicted wearing a brightly-colored cloak. Brightly-colored items are associated with great beauty. Traditional paints were made from colors available in the natural world: turquoise, yellow, red, black and white. When seen all together this often symbolizes the rainbow, yet another symbol of hope and good weather. Good weather of course leads to a good year of harvest for the Puebloan peoples. As you can see, each detail in this carving from the paint to the masks, to the tokens in their hands, tells the story of the Powama ritual.

Kachina: Eototo & Aholi
Artist: Merrill Sequi, Hopi, Arizona
Dimensions: 6-1/2 tall x 7 in. x 3-3/4 in.

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