Corn Maiden Pottery by Tony Lorenzo 1K17A

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Artist: Tony Lorenzo
Tribe: Zuni
Dimensions: 5 ½ x 5 ⅝
Tony Lorenzo is a prolific award-winning Zuni potter who creates bold pieces featuring animals, insects and kachina

Zuni potters are known for their traditional pieces as well as their fine line work and geometric patterns. Creating a pot out of clay is a painstaking process for Puebloan artists as many choose to use ancient practices. Typically, the Zuni find their clay directly on the Pueblo where they live. They then mix either mica or another mineral into the clay or use crushed up shards of older pottery to process the clay. It is then dried and wrapped for storage. Pieces are crafted using the coil and scrape methodology and then polished using traditional polishing stones. Organic botanicals and other materials are found and processed to create paint. Finally, the pieces are fired outdoors for several hours using a variety of methods.

This pot is a beautiful example of a Tony Lorenzo with the corn maiden on one side and the butterfly on the other. The corn maiden kachina come to the Zuni villages each year to dance and bring with them a bountiful corn harvest. The embellishments show the particularly Zuni practice of using find line work..

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