Belgium Black Marble handcarved Flying Eagle Fetish by Ben Livingston 4D02M

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Ben Livingston is a renowned Navajo fetish carver, celebrated for his exceptional skill and deep connection to Navajo traditions. Born and raised in the Navajo Nation, Livingston's passion for carving emerged early in his life as he was inspired by the rich cultural heritage of his people. He learned the art of fetish carving from his family and community elders, mastering the techniques passed down through generations.

Livingston's work is characterized by its exquisite craftsmanship and spiritual significance. He meticulously carves each piece from various materials such as turquoise, jet, and other stones, infusing them with symbolism and meaning drawn from Navajo mythology and spirituality. His fetishes often depict animals revered in Navajo culture, such as bears, wolves, and eagles, embodying their respective qualities and powers.

Throughout his career, Livingston has garnered recognition for his contributions to Native American art. His carvings are prized by collectors and enthusiasts worldwide for their beauty, cultural authenticity, and spiritual resonance.

Measurements: 3-1/8 wingspan. 1-3/4 x 3 base.

Signed: Ben Livingston

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