Antelope design Acoman Seed Pot by Leland Vallo 1K17F

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Artist: Leland Vallo
Tribe: Acoma
Dimensions: 2 ⅛ x 3 ¼

Leland Vallo was born in 1969 into the Acoma Pueblo and started creating pottery in 1991. He draws inspiration from many notable artists including among them Dorothy Torivio.

Acoma is also known as Sky City and is located west of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Acoma is one of the oldest settlements on earth and is known for its beautiful pottery. Leland uses traditional methodology when crafting his pieces including the coil and scrape methods, hand processing, hand-painting and ancient firing techniques.

In particular, Leland focuses on hand-coiled Tularosa Swirl pottery along with detailed line work and geometric patterns. This seedpot is an excellent example of his work and features polychromatic paint, along with an intricate geometric pattern. The center of the pot is a deer which symbolizes life as the Acoma were known to hunt for deer. Vallo states that he gains much of his inspiration from memories he has of his mother as well as his friend Marie Vallo. This pot is signed "L. Vallo Acoma N.M."

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