32" Vintage 10 Strand Multistone Olive Shell Necklace by Kenneth Aguilar ZL17Y

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Description: This is a great piece that is made by Santo Domingo (Kewa) artist, Kenneth Aguilar. It features natural Olive Shell heishi. Kenneth Aguilar is known for multi-strand necklace designs. Each bead is hand-cut, drilled and polished from natural Olive Shell.

As a child, Kenneth learned bead making from his parents. He trained at the Institute of American Indian Art in Santa Fe from 1967 to 1971. He and his wife, Angie, have been making jewelry for over forty years. They use the best stones and their necklaces are known for their elegance and perfection. Their work is found in many museum collections (Heard Museum). This piece is from an estate that collected Native American art for the last 50 years. This piece is made ca. 2000.

Material: Turquoise, Coral, Jet, Shell

Dimensions: 32" long. 10 Strand Necklace. Each strand is 1/4" wide. Wrapped Necklace at top is 1/4" wide.

Weight (in grams): 283

Hallmark/Signature: N/A

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