23" Gaspeite Multistone Santo Domingo Square Necklace by Randy Garcia 9F26K

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Description: Gaspeite is a natural stone that is a vibrant green color, sometimes almost fluorescent. It was first found in the Gaspe Peninsula in Canada (hence its name). It is recent discovery, 1966. This stone very rare as there are only a few places that it is found. Most gaspeite comes from Australia.

Randy Garcia, the designer & artist of this piece, was born and raised in the Santo Domingo Pueblo of New Mexico. His style is generally mosaics of shells and stones.  For centuries, Santo Domingo Pueblo Indians have been known to be the most proficient in the heishi making process, the oldest form of jewelry in New Mexico. Randy is honored to be continuing in his Pueblo heritage.      

Material: Turquoise (stabilized), Jet, Gaspeite, White Clam Shell, Apple Coral, Yellow Mother of Pearl         

Dimensions: 23" long. Pendant is 1-1/4" x 1-3/8".            

Weight (in grams): 43.9           

Hallmark/Signature: N/A 


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