4 Sacred Mountain Bracelet by Erick Begay - 7 inch wrist

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 7 inch wrist (5-3/4 inch with 1-1/4 in opening)

Four Sacred Mountain Stacker Cuff Bracelets.
Made by Erick Begay

The number four permeates Navajo culture. Most notably, the four sacred
mountains that outline Navajo reservation. Four is a prominent number in
Navajo philosophy & nature. There are Four sacred plants (corn, beans,
squash & tobacco), the four directions, the four seasons of nature, The
four worlds of emergence, Navajo have four clans, etc. I designed these
bracelets with symbols in series of four to represent this philosophy
These bracelets are made out of 7.5 mm round wire that is flattened, which leaves the edges slightly rounded for comfort.

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