Coral & Gaspeite Roaming Horses Navajo Bracelet by Philbert Begay 3J30F

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This piece is handmade by Navajo Artist, Philbert Begay. Philbert was fortunate to be surrounded by a family of talented artisans who shaped his artistic journey. His uncle Victor Beck, uncle Patrick Taylor, and James Little played a significant role in influencing his artistic style and creative spirit. However, it was his father, Richard Begay, who served as his ultimate inspiration and mentor.

As a young boy, he would assist his father by meticulously polishing and finishing intricate pieces, honing his skills and developing an innate understanding of the craft. By the time he reached 21, Philbert was designing, making and selling his own work.

With each stroke of his skilled hand, Philbert weaves together the threads of tradition and innovation, breathing life into his creations. His jewelry is more than just adornment; it is a testament to the timeless beauty and enduring spirit of the Navajo people.

Material: Sterling Silver, Coral, Gaspeite

Dimensions: The inside of this bracelet measures 5-3/8" from end to end. The opening is 1-1/8" and the piece is 1" wide.

Weight (in grams): 56

Hallmark/Signature: Philbert Begay Designs, Sterling

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